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Status Review of Xantus's Murrelet

Report to the California Fish and Game Commission

November 2003

Photo by Darrell L. Whitworth

On April 16, 2002, the Fish and Game Commission (Commission) received a petition to list the Xantus's Murelet as a threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA). The Commission referred the petition to the Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) for evaluation on April 25, 2002. Based on its review, the Department determined the petition included sufficient information to indicate the petitioned action may be warranted, and recommended that the Commission accept the petition and designate the Xantus's Murrelet as a candidate species pursuant to CESA. The Commission accepted the petition based on CDFW's recommendationn on October 23, 2002, and provided notice of its findings in the California Regulatory Notice Register designating the Xantus's Murrelet as a candidate species on November 15, 2002.

Following the Commission's action designating the Xantus's Murrelet as a candidate species, the Department solicited information and undertook a status review of the species using the best scientific information available. This report contains the results of CDFW's status review, including input from four peer reviewers with expertise on the Xantus's Murrelet, or closely related species. Also incuded are CDFW's recommendations to the Commission regarding a preliminary identification of habitat that may be essential to the continued existence of the species, as well as management activities and other recommendations for the recovery of the species.

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