California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Other Permit Requirements

A State Scientific Collecting Permit (SCP) may not be all that is required. For example, there are federal bird banding and endangered species permits and state and national park research permits that may be necessary. The applicant is required to determine the full extent of the permits needed to do the requested work.

On the other hand, an individual with a Federal Bird Marking and Salvage permit is required to obtain an SCP for all activities other than banding. An SCP is necessary if the individual is taking measurements, feathers, or drawing blood. A Federal Bird Marking and Salvage permit only authorizes the salvage of birds which may die during a banding operation. A Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act authorization (permit) is needed to collect (sacrifice and salvage) birds covered by the MBTA even if the applicant has a Federal Bird Marking and Salvage permit. This authorization may be obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at (503) 872-2715 in Portland, Oregon.