California Department of Fish and Wildlife

While in the Field

While the permit limits the what, how, how many, when, and where you may take animals, there are other requirements of the Scientific Collecting Permit (SCP) holder while going to and in the field.

The permit holder must notify the local California Department of Fish and Wildlife office prior to collecting. A FAX form showing the appropriate information to provide the local Fish and Game office is available.

Each field worker must carry a copy of his or her current SCP. Also, if you have current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), you must carry a copy of the MOU, any MOU amendments still in force, and the List of Authorized Individuals (naming the individual carrying it) in the field while doing work.

Animals or specimens can't be transported from the storage site of the permittee unless they are accompanied by documentation of legal take. Thisincludes a copy of the SCP and any other appropriate additional written permits.

Reporting Requirements

A report of the animals taken under the authority of the SCP must be sent to the Department within 30 days of the expiration date of the permit. The report may be in the form of the Scientific Collecting Report of Specimens Captured or Salvaged or any other format specified in writing by the Department. No permit will be renewed until the report is provided to the Department.

California Native Species Field Survey Forms must be completed for every threatened, endangered, or special concern species captured. There is a copy of this form in the application package or on the internet.