California Department of Fish and Wildlife
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Laws and Regulations Directing Environmental Review and Species Take Programs

The following is a list of law and regulations that form the legal authority for our environmental review process under the California Environmental Quality Act and our issuance of species take permits under the California Endangered Species Act and other Fish and Game Code and Title 14 laws and regulations. This is not a complete list.

Title of Authority Section No. or Other Reference
California Laws
Fish and Game Code Section 1002 - Permits to take plant or animal life for scientific or educational purposes
Fish and Game Code Section 1900 et seq. - Native plant protection
Fish and Game Code Section 3503, and 3503.5 - Protection of birds' nests
Fish and Game Code Section 3511 - Fully Protected Birds
Fish and Game Code Section 3513 - Taking Migratory Bird Treaty Act birds
Fish and Game Code Section 4700 - Fully Protected Mammals
Fish and Game Code Section 5050 - Fully Protected Reptiles and Amphibians
Fish and Game Code Section 5515 - Fully Protected Fish
Public Resources Code Sections 21000-21177 - California Environmental Quality Act
California Regulations
Title 14, Calif. Code of Regulations (CCR) Sections 650 - Scientific Collecting Permits
Title 14, CCR Section 670.7 - Permits to take fully protected species for scientific purposes
Title 14, CCR Section 753 - Policy for implementation of CEQA
Title 14, CCR Sections 783-786.6 Implementation of California Endangered Species Act
Title 14, CCR Chapter 3, Sections15000-15387 - Guidelines for California Environmental Quality Act
Federal Laws
16 United States Code Sections 703 et seq. - Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, amended
16 United States Code Sections 1531 et seq. - Endangered Species Act