California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Statewide Interests Group (South Coast Study Region)

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The MLPA Statewide Interests Group (SIG) is composed of members from key interest groups from around the state with a willingness and capacity to communicate with as broad a constituency as possible. The SIG provides a forum for enhanced communication between the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) and stakeholders regarding implementation of the MLPA Initiative.

The SIG advises the chair of the task force and MLPA staff regarding strategies for outreach to constituent groups, ways to increase public and stakeholder participation in the MLPA Initiative, and how to improve the progress in implementing, and to identify statewide issues that relate to or may affect, the MLPA Initiative.

The SIG does not vote or take formal positions on any procedural or substantive issues, but instead alerts the task force and staff of issues and opportunities that could improve public involvement in the MLPA process. The SIG meets periodically by conference call and is independent of the regional stakeholder group process.

Members of the SIG are appointed by the MLPA Initiative Executive Director in consultation with the chair of the BRTF.

The following individuals are members of the Statewide Interests Group:

  • Benjamin Acker, Member of the Board, United Pier and Shore Anglers of California
  • Dave Bitts, President, Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman's Associations
  • Harold Davis, Owner, Davis Boats
  • Fred Euphrat, Principal Consultant, Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, California State Legislature
  • Karen Garrison, Co-Manager, Ocean Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jonathan Hardy, District Representative, California State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny
  • Angela Haren Kelley , Program Director, California Coastkeeper Alliance
  • Kenyon Hensel, Member, Groundfish Advisory Panel, Pacific Fisheries Management Council
  • Ken Kurtis, Owner, Reef Seekers Dive Co.
  • Jim Martin, West Coast Regional Director, Recreational Fishing Alliance
  • Honorable Jere Melo, Councilmember, City of Fort Bragg and Chair, Coastal Cities Issues Group, League of California Cities
  • Samantha Murray, Ecosystem Program Manager, The Ocean Conservancy
  • Steve Scheiblauer, Harbormaster, City of Monterey
  • Shelly Walther, Environmental Scientist, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
  • Dr. Guangyu Wang, Deputy Director, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission