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South Coast Project and South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group

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The MLPA declares the need to reexamine and redesign California's MPAs to increase their coherence and effectiveness at protecting the state's marine life, habitat, and ecosystems. To help achieve this goal, the MLPA Initiative was created to help the state redesign its MPAs on a regional basis. The MLPA South Coast Study Region (Point Conception to the California/Mexico border in San Diego County, including offshore islands) includes various individuals, organizations and MLPA groups that contribute to the process, including a regional stakeholder group.

The MLPA South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (SCRSG) provides a forum for:

  • Providing local expertise and knowledge of the south coast study region for refining a regional profile and informing the MLPA planning process,
  • Evaluating existing marine protected areas within the south coast study region with relation to the goals of the MLPA,
  • Developing alternative proposals for marine protected areas within the south coast study region that meet the requirements of the MLPA,
  • Conducting outreach to constituent groups for involvement in the MLPA South Coast Project,
  • Identifying potential speakers to present regional stakeholder group recommendations and commentary at MLPA public meetings, and
  • Striving for a high degree of cross-interest involvement and support in crafting marine protected area proposals.

To achieve these and other goals in a collaborative manner, the regional stakeholder group works with a facilitation team, a science advisory team, and staff from the MLPA Initiative, California Department of Fish and Game, and California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Members of the South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group

Revised March 25, 2009
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  • Calla Allison, Marine Protection Officer, City of Laguna Beach (alternate for Ken Kearsley)
  • John F. Ballotti, Member, Los Angeles Rod and Reel
  • Benjamin Beede, General Manager, The Cultured Abalone
  • Philip Beguhl, commercial fishing representative, Santa Barbara County Fish and Game Commission
  • Steve Benavides, Co-founder, Kelp Forest Coalition
  • Bob Bertelli, President, California Sea Urchin Commission
  • Julie Bursek, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (alternate for Brent Scheiwe)
  • Roberta R. Cordero, Co-Founder and President, Chumash Maritime Association
  • Lauren Czarnecki, Lab Manager, Information Technology Manager and Research Coordinator, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies (alternate for Wayne G. Griffin)
  • Jim Dahl, Council Member, City of San Clemente (alternate for Leslie Daigle)
  • Leslie Daigle, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Newport Beach and Regional Council Member, Southern California Association of Governments
  • W. Scott Dunn, non-consumptive recreational user, naturalist and kayak guide
  • Dr. Jonna Engel, Staff Ecologist, California Coastal Commission
  • Dr. John M. "Jack" Engle, Associate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara (alternate for Phyllis Grifman)
  • Roy "Buck" Everingham, Owner, Everingham Brothers Bait Company (alternate for Ciro Ferrigno)
  • Jenn Feinberg, Ocean Policy Consultant, Natural Resources Defense Council (alternate for Greg Helms)
  • Ciro Ferrigno, Member of the Board, California Wetfish Producer's Association
  • Ray Fields, President, The Abalone Farm, Inc. (alternate for Benjamin Beede)
  • Josh Fisher, commercial lobster fisherman (alternate for Phil Beguhl)
  • Robert C. Fletcher, President, Sportfishing Association of California (alternate for Mike Gauger)
  • Mary Jane Forster-Foley, President, MJF Consulting Inc. (alternate for David Weeshoff)
  • Russell E. Galipeau, Superintendent, Channel Islands National Park
  • Michael Gauger, Seaforth Sportfishing, Inc.
  • Tommy Gomes, Owner, Uni Goop Bait (alternate for Bruce Steele)
  • Joel Greenberg, Southern California Chapter Chairman, Recreational Fishing Alliance (alternate for John Ballotti)
  • Wayne G. Griffin, President, Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Phyllis Grifman, Associate Director, University of Southern California Sea Grant Program
  • Mervin "Louie" Guassac, Executive Director, Kumeyaay Diegueno Land Conservancy
  • Marcela Gutiérrez, Wildlife Conservation Program Manager, WiLDCOAST (alternate for Sarah (Abramson) Sikich)
  • Kate Hanley, Director of Operations and Marine Conservation, San Diego Coastkeeper
  • Gregory Helms, Southern California Program Manager, The Ocean Conservancy
  • Ray Hiemstra, Associate Director, Orange County Coastkeeper (alternate for Kate Hanley)
  • Mike Huber, Regional Environmental Coordinator Program Manager, U.S. Department of Defense Region IX
  • Ken Kearsley, former Mayor, City of Malibu
  • M.J. Kennedy, Deputy Director, Kayak Fishing Association of California (alternate for Paul Lebowitz)
  • R. Kevin Ketchum, General Manager, California Yacht Marina
  • Eric Kett, Owner, Sea Zen Marine Consulting (alternate for Dr. Terry Maas)
  • Mick Kronman, Harbor Operations Manager, City of Santa Barbara
  • Paul Lebowitz, Director, Kayak Fishing Association of California
  • Dr. Terry Maas, Director, Underwater Society of America and Founding Member, Sea Watch
  • Jeff Maassen, Vice President, Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara, Inc. (alternate for Bob Bertelli)
  • Jenny Marshall, Consultant, U.S. Navy (alternate for Mike Huber)
  • Carl Mayhugh, President, Pacific Oceanworks, Inc. (alternate for Steve Benavides)
  • Mike McCorkle, President, Southern California Trawlers Association (alternate for Gerry Richter)
  • Dr. Michael McCoy, Member, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Management Authority (alternate for Dr. Vinod Sasidharan)
  • Merit McCrea, Captain, Condor Cruises and Research Technician, Marine Science Institute (alternate for Norris Tapp)
  • Marc Mills (alternate for Dr. Chugey Sepulveda)
  • Garth Murphy, Founder, Surf Research (alternate for W. Scott Dunn)
  • Bob Osborn, Member, United Anglers of Southern California (alternate for Wendy Tochihara)
  • Jack Peveler, President, California Association of Port Captains and Harbormasters (alternate for Mick Kronman)
  • Dr. Benjamin Pister, Marine Ecologist, Cabrillo National Monument (alternate for Russell E. Galipeau)
  • Lia Protopapadakis, Marine Policy Specialist, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation (alternate for Dr. Anne Spacie)
  • Gerry D. Richter, Vice President, Point Conception Groundfishermen's Association
  • Dave Rudie, Owner, Catalina Offshore Products (alternate for R. Kevin Ketchum)
  • Dr. Vinod Sasidharan, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Recreation and Tourism Management Program, San Diego State University
  • Brent Scheiwe, Director, SEA Lab
  • Dr. Chugey Sepulveda, Laboratory Director, Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research
  • Sarah (Abramson) Sikich, Coastal Resources Director, Heal the Bay
  • Dr. Anne Spacie, Science Director and Member of the Board, Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation and Professor Emerita, Purdue University
  • Bruce Steele, Captain, F/V Halcyon
  • Norris Tapp, Captain, F/V Freelance
  • Cassidy Teufel, Coastal Program Analyst, California Coastal Commission (alternate for Dr. Jonna Engel)
  • Wendy Tochihara, National Sales Manager, Izorline International
  • David Weeshoff, Member of the Board, International Bird Rescue Research Center

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