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MPA Arrays and Proposals

Timeline for developing MPA arrays and proposals

Round 1 (external proposed MPA arrays developed by community groups)
November 2009 - February 2010

Round 2 (draft MPA proposals developed by NCRSG)
March - May 2010

Round 3 (final NCRSG MPA proposals developed by NCRSG)
June - September 2010

Develop BRTF recommendation(s)
October 2010

Presentation of BRTF recommendation(s) to the California Fish and Game Commission
December 2010

NOTE: All dates are subject to change


In October 2009, north coast communities were invited to develop draft MPA arrays as part of Round 1 of the MPA planning process. During Rounds 2 and 3, members of the North Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (NCRSG) can integrate ideas from the external arrays as they develop the next stage of MPA proposals. Input from community groups and the general public is included throughout the MPA proposal development process.

MPA Arrays, Proposals and Evaluations
Look for this image on the left hand side of any page on the MLPA Initiative website to find information about MPA proposals and evaluations for each study region!

Key Resources

North Coast News

North Coast News
North Coast News is distributed on a regular basis to help keep you informed and actively involved in the north coast planning process. The newsletter includes a summary of recent MLPA Initiative Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF), Master Plan Science Advisory Team (SAT), and North Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (NCRSG) meetings. We will highlight answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), documents available for public comment as well as upcoming meetings and events.


Introduction to the MLPA


Meetings & Events

All upcoming meetings and events are listed on the MLPA Meetings and Events page. Members of the public are invited to attend meetings in person, participate at a local public participation site, or view and listen to the meeting via simultaneous webcasting on the Internet.

Video and audio archives of each public meeting may be accessed via the Internet approximately two days after the meeting.


What is the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative? A public-private partnership designed to help the State of California implement the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), using the best readily available science as well as the advice and assistance of scientists, resource managers, experts, stakeholders and members of the public.

What are the goals of the MLPA? The Marine Life Protection Act was signed into law in 1999 and directs the state to redesign California's system of marine protected areas to increase its coherence and effectiveness in protecting the state's marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems, and marine natural heritage, as well as to improve recreational, educational and study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems.

What are marine protected areas? Marine protected areas (MPAs) are named, discrete geographic marine or estuarine areas designed to protect or conserve marine life and habitat. Examples within California that you may be familiar with include Point Lobos State Marine Reserve, Point Buchon State Marine Conservation Area and Vandenberg State Marine Reserve.

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