California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Regulatory Process

Fish and Game Commission Considering MPA Alternatives for Adoption in the North Central Coast

The Fish and Game Commission (Commission) is currently considering adoption of marine protected areas (MPAs) proposed along the north central coast region (from Alder Creek/Point Arena to Pigeon Point). Specific information on MPA proposals and the location of proposed MPAs under Commission consideration are currently available at

Regulatory documents describing the proposals and their rationale are also available through the Fish and Game Commission web page. The public may provide comment to the Commission on proposals in advance of their decision regarding MPAs proposed in the north central coast region (adoption is expected in summer 2009 with an effective date of January 2010). To find out more about how and when you may provide comments to the Commission on the proposed MPAs, and the timeline and meeting schedule for Commission adoption of MPAs in the north central coast region, visit

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Process

Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Regulatory Process