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Blue Ribbon Task Force (Central Coast Study Region)

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View more information about the central coast MPA packages being recommended by the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force, per its March 2006 decision.


Charter of the California MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force

Official Name: This Task Force officially will be designated as the California MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force to the California Natural Resources Agency (hereinafter the Task Force).

Background: The Department of Fish and Game was tasked by the 1999 Marine Life Protection Act to prepare a Master Plan and to recommend alternative networks of marine protected areas within the state's coastal waters for proposed adoption by the Fish and Game Commission, to improve the protection of the state's marine life, habitat and ecosystems. Designing and implementing marine protected areas is challenging from a public policy perspective because of numerous scientific, economic and cultural questions, many of which are not definitively answered by the best available science. Therefore, the Secretary has determined it beneficial to convene a task force to make public policy recommendations and to enhance the state's ability to carry out the mandate under the Marine Life Protection Act.

Membership: The Task Force will be composed of seven to ten distinguished, knowledgeable and highly credible public leaders selected by the Secretary for Resources. The Secretary shall have sole discretion to select members of the Task Force, and may consider persons for their intellect, vision, public policy experience, diversity of professional expertise, and ability to get things done. The Secretary shall also select one person to serve as Chair.

Term: Each member shall serve for the duration of the Initiative, through November 2006. Each member, including the Chair, shall serve at the pleasure of the Secretary.

Charge: The charge to the Task Force is to meet the objectives of the Initiative, including: to oversee the development of a draft Master Plan Framework for the Department of Fish and Game to present to the Fish and Game Commission by May 2005, to oversee a regional project to develop a proposal for alternative networks of marine protected areas in an area along the central coast to present to the Department of Fish and Game by May 2006 for their review and submission to the Commission by June 2006, to prepare a comprehensive strategy for long-term funding of MLPA implementation by December 2005, and to develop recommendations for improved coordination with federal agencies involved in marine protected areas management by November 2006. The Task Force will also work to resolve policy disputes and provide direction in the face of uncertainty, while meeting the objectives of the MLPA.

The Chair of the Task Force will make recommendations for potential candidates to serve as the Executive Director to the Initiative, work with the Director of the Department to convene the Master Plan Science Advisory Team, and serve as the principal link between the Task Force and Initiative staff.

One member of the Task Force will serve as liaison to the Central Coast MLPA Project.

Attendance: The members of the Task Force are each expected to attend all regular meetings of the Task Force, which shall generally be scheduled as two-day working meetings every eight weeks from September 2004 through November 2006. The liaison to the Central Coast MLPA Project shall also attend regularly scheduled meetings of the Central Coast MLPA Stakeholder Group.

Remuneration: Members of the Task Force will, upon request, be reimbursed for actual travel expenditures related to the Initiative, but not for time.