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Fishing Location - Ocn, Arrowhead Marsh Fishing Piers

Ocn, Arrowhead Marsh Fishing Piers
Alameda County
Car Accessible
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Arrowhead Marsh Fishing Piers are located in Northern California. This site offers anglers an opportunity to fish for many near shore marine fish species. Depending on the season, you may catch various Perch species, Cabezon, Kelp Greenling, Rockfish, or Sculpin. Casting out from the pier or dock may yield White Croaker, Cod, various species of Flatfish, Sharks, Rays and Skate, or Jacksmelt. Occasionally large fish are caught including Striped Bass, Salmon and Sturgeon. Baits include live bait fish, blood worms, cut bait, and sand fleas. Artificial lures will work for schooling fish when they are feeding. Some locations offer excellent crabbing. The best fishing times are often during the tide changes when the current is moving. Check local tackle shops to see what has been working; and review California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations booklet for seasons and bag limits.