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What is FloodSAFE?

The FloodSAFE Vision is of a sustainable integrated flood management and emergency response system throught California that improves public safety, protects and enhances environmental and cultural resources, and supports economic growth by reducing the probability of destructive floods, promoting beneficial floodplain processes, and lowering the damages caused by flooding.

CDFW's Role in FloodSAFE

As trustee for California's fish and wildlife resources, CDFW has jurisdicition over the conservation, protection, and management of fish, wildlife, native plants, and habitat necessary for biologically sustainable populations of those species. In support of that trustee role, CDFW participates in the review of planning documents and permitting strategies for FloodSAFE. As a part of that participation, CDFW staff tries to identify opportunities to increase fish, wildlife, and other environmental benefits associated with FloodSAFE plans and programs.

Program Structure & Key Activities

CDFW created a Water Branch in 2008 to better define and assist in implementing the full complement of water functions and programs across the state. Whether it is water associated with our wildlife areas and ecological reserves, ensuring sufficient water in streams to support and stabilize fish populations, or interacting in a regulatory context with other state and federal agenices to promote water for fish and wildlife, water is a central issue in many CDFW programs. As part of the Water Branch, staff coordinates closely with CDFW’s regional staff and headquarters to provide datea and information to DWR staff working on the FloodSAFE California Initiative. Key CDFW activities include:

  • Information for development of a Conservation Strategy for the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP).
  • Information for development of regional permitting strategies.
  • Assistance with the development of analytical tools, future scenarios, and other informational packages.

FloodSAFE Link:

Department of Water Resources, FloodSAFE

For more information, contact Gina Ford at or (916) 445-8574.