California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Threatened and Endangered Amphibians

Species Accounts

The table below contains the 14 species and subspecies of amphibians listed as either threatened or endangered by the State of California or the federal government. This list is in alphabetical order, by the general name of the animal (for example: frog, salamander, toad, etc.).

For species accounts, see CWHR Life History Accounts and Range Maps.

The list and the accompanying species accounts may not be complete or reflect the current legal status of these amphibians because of listing activities more recent than the status accounts in the links below. The current legal status for each species is provided online at (PDF) and is updated quarterly.

For more information on the species listed below, use the CDFW's Species Explorer. Please note, the Species Explorer is still being worked on. Not all species might appear in the database.

Common Name Scientific Name
Frog, California Red-legged Rana (aurora) draytonii
Frog, Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Rana sierrae
Frog, Southern Mountain yellow-legged Rana muscosa
Salamander, California Tiger Ambystoma californiense
Salamander, Desert Slender Batrachoseps (major) aridus
Salamander, Kern Canyon Slender Batrachoseps simatus
Salamander, Limestone Hydromantes brunus
Salamander, Santa Cruz Long-toed Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum
Salamander, Scott Bar Plethodon asupak
Salamander, Shasta Hydromantes shastae
Salamander, Siskiyou Mountains Plethodon stormi
Salamander, Tehachapi Slender Batrachoseps stebbinsi
Toad, Arroyo Anaxyrus (= Bufo) californicus
Toad, Black Anaxyrus (=Bufo) exsul