California Department of Fish and Wildlife

1998 Mammal Species of Special Concern

You may download PDFs of species accounts and associated maps in the 1998 Mammal Species of Special Concern via the table below. You may also download any of the following portions of the document: Cover Page (including Editor's note and suggested citation), Table of Contents, Introduction, Results, Watch List Accounts, Acknowledgements, Literature Cited, Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III.

Document File Size
Cover Page (including Editor's note and suggested citation) 164 KB
Table of Contents 187 KB
Introduction 259 KB
Results 160 KB
Recommendations 160 KB
Species Accounts File Size
Buena Vista Lake shrew 3.6 MB
Southern California salt marsh shrew 2.5 MB
Suisun shrew 2.5 MB
Santa Catalina Island shrew 2.5 MB
Salt marsh wandering shrew 3.5 MB
Mexican long-tongued bat 2.9 MB
California leaf-nosed bat 3.0 MB
Pallid bat 2.2 MB
Townsend's big-eared bat 2.3 MB
Spotted bat 2.2 MB
Red bat 2.3 MB
Western yellow bat 2.9 MB
Arizona myotis 2.9 MB
Fringed myotis 2.3 MB
Cave myotis 2.9 MB
Long-legged myotis 2.3 MB
Western mastiff bat 2.3 MB
Pocketed free-tailed bat 2.9 MB
Big free-tailed bat 2.2 MB
Pygmy rabbit 3.2 MB
Sierra Nevada snowshoe hare 3.2 MB
Point Arena mountain beaver 3.1 MB
Point Reyes mountain beaver 3.5 MB
San Bernardino flying squirrel 2.9 MB
Palm Springs ground squirrel 2.9 MB
San Bernardino kangaroo rat 2.9 MB
Short-nosed kangaroo rat 3.7 MB
Santa Cruz kangaroo rat 3.5 MB
White-eared pocket mouse 2.9 MB
Tehachapi pocket mouse 3.6 MB
Salinas pocket mouse 3.6 MB
Palm Springs pocket mouse 2.9 MB
Los Angeles pocket mouse 2.9 MB
Pacific pocket mouse 2.5 MB
White-footed vole 3.2 MB
Mojave River vole 2.8 MB
Riparian woodrat 3.5 MB
Ramona grasshopper mouse 2.9 MB
Tulare grasshopper mouse 3.7 MB
Colorado River cotton rat 2.9 MB
Point Reyes jumping mouse 3.5 MB
Yuma mountain lion 2.9 MB
Southwestern river otter 2.9 MB
Humboldt marten 3.2 MB
Pacific fisher 2.3 MB
Channel Islands spotted skunk 2.5 MB
Document File Size
Watch List Accounts 341 KB
Acknowledgements 142 KB
Literature Cited 960 KB
Appendix I 503 KB
Appendix II 204 KB
Appendix III 106 KB
Entire Report
(All the files listed above in one PDF file)
13 MB