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Illegal pets in California

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Table 6

Illegal Pets in California

These are examples of animals that are not permitted to be imported or possessed in California as pets (California Code of Regulations,Title 14, Section 671).

Gars Degu (trumpet-tailed rat) Raccoon
African clawed frog All gerbils and jirds (such as Duprasi) Ringtail
Alligators Dormouse (all types) Cacomistle
Caimans Flying squirrels Coatimundi
Snapping turtles All chipmunks and squirrels Skunks (all types)
  Prairie dogs Arctic fox (blue fox)
White-eyes (Zosterops) Gambian giant pouched rat Fennec fox
Monk (Quaker) parakeet African striped grass mouse (zebra mouse) Wolf-dog hybrids*
  African pygmy mouse Ferret
Short-tailed opossum Egyptian spiny mouse African lion
Sugar glider   Serval
Hedgehogs (all types)   Monkeys, chimpanzees
*as restricted under CAC, Sec. 671 (c) (2) (K)

Table 1. Relative sizes of carnivores.
Table 2. Established species of non-native mammals in California.
Table 3. Established populations of escaped pets/ornamental animals.
Table 4. Restricted domestic animals.
Table 5. Restricted and exempted domestic animals.
Table 6. Illegal pets in California.