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Established populations of escaped pets/ornamental animals

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Table 3

Species that were imported mainly for pet keeping, private menageries, or park/ornamental use and that subsequently formed breeding populations in the wild in California following escape or release*

Amphibians Birds
African clawed frog Mute swan
  Egyptian goose
Reptiles Common peafowl
Snapping turtle Ringed turtle-dove (formerly)
Painted turtle Spotted dove
Slider Eurasian collared-dove
Diamond-backed water snake Rose-ringed parakeet
  Canary-winged parakeet
Mammals Monk parakeet (eradicated)
House cat Red-crowned parrot
Eastern gray squirrel Lilac-crowned parrot
Fox squirrel Yellow-headed parrot
Burchell's zebra Blue-crowned parakeet
Fallow deer Black-hooded parakeet
Sambar Mitered parakeet
Axis deer Red-masked parakeet
Himalayan tahr Yellow-chevroned parakeet
  Northern red bishop
  Nutmeg mannikin
  Red-whiskered bulbul

*This list excludes species that breed in the wild only occasionally (e.g., budgerigars).

Table 1. Relative sizes of carnivores.
Table 2. Established species of non-native mammals in California.
Table 3. Established populations of escaped pets/ornamental animals.
Table 4. Restricted domestic animals.
Table 5. Restricted and exempted domestic animals.
Table 6. Illegal pets in California.