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Domestic Ferret Issues in California

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Table 1

Relative Sizes of Selected Carnivores

Weight* California Carnivores Other Carnivores Not Native to California
Less than 2 pounds
(<1 kg)
short-tailed weasel, long-tailed weasel, spotted skunk, American marten least weasel, Siberian weasel, small Indian mongoose
2 - 7 pounds
(2 - 3 kg)
ringtail, American mink, Island fox, fisher (female), kit fox, striped skunk black-footed ferret, European polecat, steppe polecat, stone marten, domestic ferret, Indian gray mongoose, Arctic fox, chihuahua (dog)
7-15 pounds
(3 - 7 kg)
fisher (male), gray fox, Sierra Nevada red fox Egyptian mongoose, house cat, red fox, e. U.S.
15 - 40 pounds
(7 - 18 kg)
raccoon, northern river otter, American badger , bobcat , wolverine , coyote raccoon dog
More than 40 pounds
(>18 kg)
sea otter, mountain lion, black bear  

*These are listed roughly in order of increasing size. Since there is great variation in size of each species, there will be size overlap among species listed near each other.

Table 1. Relative sizes of carnivores.
Table 2. Established species of non-native mammals in California.
Table 3. Established populations of escaped pets/ornamental animals.
Table 4. Restricted domestic animals.
Table 5. Restricted and exempted domestic animals.
Table 6. Illegal pets in California.