California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Urban and Rural Cats


Cats and Wildlife: A Conservation Dilemma - J. S. Coleman, S.A. Temple, and S. R. Craven, Univ. Wisconsin.
Overview of cat predation issues, study of rural cats in Wisconsin, and recommendations for wildlife protection.

On the Prowl - J. S. Coleman and S. A. Temple, Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, 1996.
Suggestions for reducing the threat of cats to wildlife. Also, estimating the number of birds and other animals killed by rural cats in Wisconsin annually.

Cats on the Prowl - J. McKee/Conservation Commission of Missouri
America's most popular pet is chewing into our wild bird population.

Minnesota's killer kitties - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
"Well-fed and well-armed, free-ranging domestic cats kill millions of birds each year."

Domestic Cat (Felis catus) Predation of Birds in an Urban Environment - C. A. Fiore and K. B. Sullivan.
A study of the effects of urban domestic cat predation on birds in Wichita, Kansas (Thesis summary).

Impacts of Free-ranging Pets on Wildlife - J. Schaefer, Univ. Florida, Cooperative Extension.
Suggestions for reducing the risk of cats harming wildlife on your property.

Domestic cat - Division of Wildlife, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Impacts of domestic cats on native wildlife and what we can do to avoid the problem.

Cats Indoors! - American Bird Conservancy, Washington, D.C.
Cat Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats.

Migratory Songbird Conservation - US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Cat predation is a serious problem for songbird conservation, but it is a threat that people can do something about.

Backyard Bird Problems - US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Ways to avoid cat predation at bird feeders.

Creating Backyard Habitat For Birds - Bird Point Reyes Bird Observatory.
Avoid attracting birds to your yard if it harbors cats or other predators.

Make Your Feeder Safer for Birds - Bird Point Reyes Bird Observatory.
Keeping birds safe from cats at feeders.

Coyote interactions with free-ranging domestic cats:

Bats: Protection from Predators - M. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, Inc.
Avoiding cat predation around bat houses.

Eastern Bluebird, A Bluebird's Enemies - Iowa Department of Natural Resources
"Cats are also a serious and cunning predator of bluebirds. Nest boxes should be placed at least 100 yards from buildings, to avoid both marauding cats and house sparrows."

What to do about Predators, Birdhouse Basics - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Preventing cats and other animals from raiding bird nest boxes.


Cats In Kennels Program
"A not-for-profit Canadian "word of mouth" campaign designed to educate people about the environmental impact of domestic cats upon small wildlife and bird populations. It promotes the philosophy of keeping your cat indoors or in a safe, enclosed outdoor kennel to protect both pet cats and wildlife."

Feral cat research at Portsmouth Dockyard, England - J. L. Dards
Overview and online links to publications on behavior, home range, habitat utilization, and gene frequencies of feral cats at the naval dockyard.

Look What the Cat's Brought In! - The Mammal Society.
A five-months survey of the kinds and numbers of animals that are killed by domestic cats in Great Britain.

Cats and wildlife - how you can protect both - State of Victoria, Land for Wildlife Notes, S. Platt (1999).

Keeping your cat happy and safe - The State of Victoria, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, 2001.
"Keeping your cat confined inside and outside stops all cat attacks on wildlife."

Your Pet is a Predator - New Zealand Department of Conservation.
Effects of cats, dogs and other pets on wildlife in New Zealand.

Urban Animal Management Conferences (Cat-related Subjects)
Abstracts of proceedings from annual Urban Animal Management Conferences in Australia.

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