California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Winter 2011 Meeting of the California Pika Consortium

Riverside, CA - 2/11/2011

Meeting Presentations

Topic/Title Speaker/Facilitator
Introduction (PDF) Scott Osborn
Round Robin Updates Deana Clifford
Pika Surveys in CDFW Region 2 (PDF) Joseph Stewart & David Wright
Bodie Update (PDF) Andrew Smith
Health and Handling Studies (verbal update - no slides) Deana Clifford & Janet Foley
Graph-Theoretical Analysis (PDF) Bob Westfall
Belding’s Ground Squirrel Update (PDF) Toni Lyn Morelli
Update on CESA Petition (verbal update - no slides) Shaye Wolf
National Park Service Pika Habitat Occupancy Study: Preliminary Results from Eight Parks (PDF) Mackenzie Jeffress & Chris Ray
Dynamics of Pika Distribution in the Hydrographic Great Basin, Over the Last Century (PDF) Erik Beever
Spatial Relationships and Social Organization in Pikas (PDF) Andrew Smith
Status of Pika Populations in the Bodie Hills (PDF) Lyle Nichols
Pikas, Cows, and Weasels (PDF) Connie Millar
Citizen Science Monitoring (web demo - no slides) Scott Loarie
Pika Population Status and Threats - Facilitated Discussion Scott Osborn
1. Sierra Nevada populations (PDF), 2 (PDF)  
2. Southern Cascades populations (PDF)  
3. Great Basin populations (PDF)  
4. Bodie populations (PDF), 2 (PDF)  
5. Pika ecological resilience (PDF)  
Next steps for the CPC (PDF) Connie Millar
Closing remarks Toni Lyn Morelli