California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Hunt Priority Stamp

California Department of Fish and Game's Hunter Education and Game Bird Programs are working together to implement a new process that will give priority to Apprentice hunters for admittance to one of the pen raised pheasant hunts for beginners.

The Game Bird Special Hunts Program includes Apprentice hunts with pen raised pheasants that provide beginning hunters with a controlled, educational and safe environment to learn hunting skills and further develop hunter safety and a sense of hunter ethics and wildlife management. Events include gun safety review, easy to hunt topography, a high ratio of volunteers to hunters, experienced dog handlers and clay shooting among other educational activities.

Upon successful completion of the mandatory hunter education course, every new hunter will be issued a Hunter Education Certificate. To receive priority in an Apprentice Pheasant Hunt drawing enter the certificate number the appropriate box on the hunt application and submit by the drawing deadline. New hunters, who submit their application this way will be automatically placed in a hunt before the random drawing takes place.