California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Deer Zone Map

Please click on the deer zone on the map for specific information. Each link opens a PDF file.

Map of california deer zones Zone B-4 Zone B-1 Zone D-16 Zone D-12 Zone D-19 Zone D-15 Zone D-14 Zone D-17 Zone D-11 Zone D-13 Zone D-10 Zone D-9 Zone X-9 Zone X-10 Zone X-9 Zone D-9 Zone D-7 Zone A Zone X-9 Zone D-6 Zone D-5 Zone X-12 Zone X-8 Zone D-4 Zone A Zone X-7 Zone Zone D-3 Zone X-6 Zone X-6 Zone X-5B Zone X-5a Zone X-3b Zone X-4 Zone X-3a Zone X-2 Zone X-1 Zone C-1 Zone C-4 Zone C-2 Zone C-3 Zone B-3 Zone B-5 Zone B-2 Zone B-6