California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Big Game Management Account Grant Process

The Big Game Management Account is a dedicated account created by the California Legislature in 2010 (currently Fish and Game Code Section 3953) to ensure funds provided by big-game hunters through the purchase of big-game tags are used in programs and projects which benefit big-game species. Big-game species, for the purposes of this account, are defined as bighorn sheep, bear, deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, and wild pig. The legislation creating this account also mandated a public advisory committee, composed of "interested non-profit organizations that have goals and objectives directly related to the management and conservation of big-game species", responsible for reviewing project proposals and budgets and providing recommendations regarding them and other issues of relevance to the department's big-game executive leadership team.

The objective of the Big Game Grant Program (BGGP) is to implement projects which benefit big-game populations and the habitats upon which they depend with the goal of ensuring that populations of these species persist in perpetuity for their intrinsic value, in order to provide hunting opportunity, and other public uses. The BGGP will accomplish this by funding:

  • Projects and activities that provide demonstrable and measureable benefits to big-game species by increasing the quality and/or quantity of available habitats;
  • Projects which increase our knowledge and understanding of the scope and impact of inter-specific species competition, predation, and disease;
  • Projects which increase the understanding of population dynamics, distribution, and habitat selection;
  • Projects which increase the accuracy, precision, and efficiency of population surveys;
  • Projects which increase hunting opportunity;
  • Projects which increase our ability to detect and apprehend those involved in illegal hunting activities;
  • Projects which broaden our knowledge and understanding of stakeholder expectations.

The BGGP will annually solicit proposals based on approved needs, topics, and/or themes which address the goals and objective of the program through its Proposal Solicitation Notice (PSN). This PSN also contains the BGGP solicitation, submittal, and scoring procedures and a template for proposal submissions.