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Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep In Sequoia
                    Kings                   Canyon

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep In Sequoia
                    Kings                   Canyon

Taboose Creek
image of ewe
S412 - Ewe (kml)
S412 - Ewe (pdf)

image of ram
S354 - Ram (kml)
S354 - Ram (pdf)
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    Recent Events

  • 05/15/2017 Field staff recently spotted S412 with a newborn lamb in Red Mountain Creek. This is the first lamb to be seen in the Taboose Creek herd unit!
  • 02/09/2017 S412 was seen near the mouth of Red Mountain Creek with a yearling ram. She managed to find a nice spot amidst this record winter.
  • 05/11/2016 4 rams were spotted grazing around 8,000 feet in upper Red Mountain Creek.
  • 10/24/2015 We captured our first two ewes in the Taboose Creek herd unit.
Two mature rams in escape terrain during late fall.
The Taboose Creek herd unit was recently naturally recolonized by Sierra bighorn. The first sighting of a ram group was in 2009. In 2012 the SNBSRP started getting reports of ram sightings this this herd unit, and in 2014 we confirmed sightings of not only rams, but ewes as well, and officially recognized the herd as occupied. Two ewes were collared in 2015, in addition to the three rams that had already been collared. We have learned that many animals in Taboose travel back and forth from the Sawmill Canyon herd. Our best count of the Taboose Creek herd unit comes from observations compiled from 2014-2016, which confirmed the presence of at least 15 adult rams and three adult ewes.
Early spring leaves windblown areas where bighorn can find snow-free forage.