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Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep In Sequoia
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Sawmill Canyon
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    Recent Events

  • 03/01/2017 36 sheep were seen near the mouth of Sawmill Canyon.
  • 9/15/2016 On our summer survey of the Sawmill herd unit we spotted 51 sheep. Many were seen near Pinchot Pass right on the PCT!
Aerial view of Sawmill Canyon high elevation summer range.
The Sawmill Canyon herd is one of the original native Sierra bighorn herds, and has been used as a source for translocations to many other herds in the Sierra, including Wheeler Ridge (1979), Mt. Langley (1982), and Laurel Creek (2015). Bighorn in this herd are most accessible for viewing on low-elevation winter range near the front of Sawmill Canyon from December to early April, depending on snow conditions. In the winter of 2017 we estimated there were approximately 60 sheep in this herd. Many Sierra bighorn in the Sawmill Canyon herd travel back and forth to the Mt. Baxter herd regularly.
Mixed group or rams, ewes and lambs on Sierra east-side during winter.