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Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep In Sequoia
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Laurel Creek
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S376 - Ewe (kml)
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S204 - Ram (kml)
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    Recent Events

  • 11/1/2016 4 rams were translocated to Laurel Creek from the Wheeler Ridge herd unit.
  • 10/12/2016 10 Sierra bighorn were seen on the ridge between Coyote and Laurel Creeks. 2 lambs and 3 yearlings were in this group.
  • 8/18/2016 S376 was seen near Franklin pass with a lamb and a yearling ram.
  • 12/09/2015 S204 travelled a total straight line distance of 48 Km from Laurel Creek to Mt. Farquar in the Bubbs Creek herd unit.
Bighorn habitat in the background of a magnificent alpine lake.
The Laurel Creek herd was reestablished in 2015 with the translocation of 11 Sierra bighorn from the Mt. Baxter and Sawmill Canyon herds. Four additional rams were augmented to the herd in 2016 after many of the original rams emmigrated out of the area after reintroduction. In 2016 our best count of this herd was a total of 22 animals. Access to this herd is difficult, which gives us limited opportunity to monitor the bighorn on foot. Difficulties are compounded by the large amount of distance between different groups of bighorn in this herd unit.
Using helicopters allowed bighorn herds to be established in remote locations.