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Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program Literature

Recent Publications
on Sierra Bighorn

Cover of Sierra Bighorn Annual Report 2010-2011
A Decade in Review (5 Mb)   DFW (2012)

Evaluating apparent competition
  Oecologica (2013)

Population Genetic Effects
  Con. Biology (2011)

Disease Risk &
Population Viability

  J. Wildl Manage (2011)

Domestic sheep, bighorn sheep, and respiratory disease DFW (2011)

Population Dynamics
  J. Applied Ecology (2010)

Demographic Rates
  Ecological Appl. (2010)

Key: P - Peer Reviewed Publication, D - Dissertation, T - Thesis, R - Other Reports
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Demography and Management

Habitat Use and Modelling

Disease Transmission


Species Designation

Endangered Species Listing and Environmental Assessment

Outdoor California