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Aspen Delineation Project Data Center


This California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) web site serves as a consolidated and centralized source of reference information dealing with location and assessment of aspen (Populus tremuloides) communities in California. The Data Center is part of the Aspen Delineation Project (ADP), a cooperative effort of the CDFW, the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Region, and the California State Office of the Bureau of Land Management. This collaboration falls within the Aspen Delineation Project's goals and objectives to help public agencies, as well as, non-governmental organizations and, private landowners to identify, map, treat, and monitor aspen habitats. The goals objectives of this collaboration have been undertaken because of the ecological significance of aspen in California ecosystems.

Though this website, the general public and the advanced user (government agencies, GIS users, academic/research communities, etc) can access the Data Centers interactive data maps as well as the aspen data for each stand in California. The CDFW also makes the whole master aspen database available for download use.

Goals of Aspen Data Center Collaboration

Aspen Tree

In recognizing the importance of facilitating the collection, storage, display, use, and sharing of quaking aspen spatial data within and among the involved agencies and contributing private landowners, the CDFW's Resource Assessment Program (RAP) has worked in collaboration with the Aspen Delineation Project and other contributing agencies and organizations to:

  • Compile aspen location and assessment data statewide,
  • Assemble and make available a web application master database that will hold all California aspen assessment location information,
  • Create a user interactive web map of aspen locations,
  • Produce a report that presents, summarizes and illustrates our stand of knowledge about the location and assessment of aspen in California,
  • Assist in technical support in development of an integrated aspen data management system, and
  • Help develop an MOU between agencies and private land owners regarding future aspen data collection and sharing.

The efforts of this project have been coordinated between the Aspen Delineation Project's principal investigator-David Burton, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's (CDFW) Resource Assessment Program (RAP).

Aspen Delineation Project Homepage

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Overview Map

Project Overview Map
Open BIOS Interactive Map

Project Stats

  • 1030 Aspen Delineation Program Protocol Assessments
  • 3222 Total Assessed Stands - Any Protocol
  • 4047 Polygons
  • 4448 Point Locations
  • (2006 data)


Title Description Link
Protocol Current Field Methodology for Assessing Aspen Stands. PDF
Field Form Printable field form for data collection following the Aspen Delineation Project protocols. PDF


Klamath National Forest Christy Cheyne
Shasta-Trinity National Forest Peter Van Susteren
Modoc National Forest Anne Mileck
Alturas Field Office (BLM) Paul Schmidt
Cedarville Field Office (BLM) Leisyka Parrott
Eagle Lake Field Office (BLM) Don Dockery
Lassen National Forest Tom Rickman
Tahoe National Forest Tina Mark
Lake Tahoe Basin Managent Unit Victor Lyon
Eldorado National Forest Don Yasuda
Stanislaus National Forest Adam Rich
Humboldt-Toiyabe in General Julia Richardson
Sierra Division of California State Parks Tamara Sawinski
Bishop Field Office (BLM) Anne Halford
Inyo National Forest Kathleen Nelson
Sequoia National Forest Steve Anderson


David Burton
Aspen Delineation Project
P.O. Box 348
Penryn, CA 95663

Phone: 916.663.2574

Chris Stermer
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
1812 Ninth St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916.445.2626