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California Fish and Game
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California Fish and Game
Scientific Journal

California Fish and Game is CDFW's official, quarterly, scientific journal devoted to the conservation and understanding of California's flora and fauna.

California Fish and Game
is going green!

In an effort to minimize expended resources and expand our readership, CDFW's 100-year-old scientific journal is "going green." Back issues are currently being archived on this website, and by December 2012, we expect to have all issues (up to the current issue) available online at no charge to the reader. As of 2013, each new issue will also be posted online -- again, at no charge to the reader.

As we transition into an online publication, we will also be phasing out our paid subscriptions. Beginning in January 2013, the journal will be delivered to CDFW employees online only; however, all current paid subscribers will continue to receive a traditional "hard copy" of the journal in their mailbox for the duration of their subscription. A very limited number of print copies will still be produced for libraries.

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