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  • Plastic Jellyfish
    Clean, pure water may be our most precious resource. Much of the pollution that impacts the quality of water is thoughtless discarded trash. Gain an awareness of the potential problem with plastic pollution, with a family activity using the Project WILD Aquatic activity Plastic Jellyfish. The instruction are simple and the result might surprise you.
  • Help Clean Up The River!
    Find and cross-out (X) the trash that is polluting the wildlife habitat.
  • To Attract Wildlife... Imitate Nature
    Want to entice wildlife, turn your yard, local schoolyard or a community area into a nature preserve and discover the joy of peaceful observation? The best way to do this is to imitate nature. You'll encourage wildlife to stop in by providing food, water, and cover. Include a safe place to raise young and you'll encourage wildlife to stay longer, perhaps all year.
  • Create a Toad House
    Toads are an interesting beneficial creature, which eat insects and garden pests. Invite a toad to live in your yard by creating a Toad House. If you have a shady area with some bushes, plenty of insects, some cool, damp dirt to hide in, then you have the perfect place for a toad.
  • What If Water Cost As Much As Gasoline?
    Energy in the forms of gasoline and fuel oil is expensive and people are aware of the need to conserve energy. In contrast, water is relatively inexpensive but people still need to conserve it. The following activity is designed to help students begin thinking about the value of water and how they can conserve it. Use this with the Project WILD Aquatic activity How Wet Is Our Planet?