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...deleted the sunset provision that would have ended the Marine Invasive Species Program as of January, 2010. The program is now on-going, and the Department of Fish and Game has been given several new reporting responsibilities:

  • Data from the monitoring effort must be posted to the internet and updated on an annual basis. The first update is the Outer Coast report above (revisions coming soon). Subsequent updates will be posted in January each year begining in 2008.
  • A report was submitted to the Legislature detailing the results of the monitoring and assessing of the effectiveness of the MISP in controlling introductions from ship-related vectors. This report was submitted January 1, 2009, and will be updated every three years. All reports will be posted to this site. Links are listed below.

Archived Samples of Non-Indegenous Species in California

A voucher collection of representative non-native species collected during the first 4 years of field surveys (2004-2007) was prepared. The voucher collection consists of a few individuals (1-6) of each species in individual vials with pertinent metadata. These vouchers are available to taxonomists and legitimate scientists for further research, per approval by DFG/OSPR staff. One complete collection is being held at the the Marine Pollution Studies Lab (MPSL) of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) (California), while one collection is also being curated by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The file below contains a list of the voucher material. For additional information about the voucher collection contact: Karen Bigham

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