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Within the OSPR, the enabling legislation requires two distinct financial programs: Financial Responsibility (Govt. Code 8670.37.51-58) and Cost Recovery (Govt. Code 8670.53). To ensure that vessels and facility owner/operators have adequate financial resources to pay cleanup and damage costs arising from an oil spill, the OSPR requires a current Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR). The OSPR is mandated to seek reimbursement of all costs incurred in responding to spill incidents. This includes response, containment, cleanup, and natural resource damage assessment activities. There are several methods of cost recovery which include: (1) submitting costs along with legal actions; (2) submitting costs directly to the Responsible Party (RP); and (3) Submitting a claim to the Federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund if no responsible party exists (orphan spill). The Program Support Services team provides a diverse complement to the overall OSPR staff. This team includes not only administrative personnel, but technical computer specialists, and a telecommunications expert. They are referred to as the Information Technology Services Unit (ITSU). The OSPR External Affairs program includes OSPR’s Public Information Officers. The administrative personnel serve as liaison positions with Department of Fish and Game Headquarters staff. These analysts and their support staff provide a variety of essential services in the areas of Budgets, Personnel and Training, Contracts, Business Services and Procurement. These support staff provide services for approximately 141 positions statewide, including offices in San Diego, Monterey, Eureka, Fairfield, Los Angeles/Long Beach and Santa Barbara. During spill response under the Incident Command System (ICS), FPS fills the positions of Finance and Logistics Section Chiefs. In addition ITSU and External Affairs provide computer, communications, and public information representatives.

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