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Graphic California map showing the locations of Guadalupe spill Trucks and tractors moving contaminated sand.

Guadalupe Oil Field Contamination

  • LOCATION: Nipomo Dunes, San Luis Obispo County.
  • DATE: Chronic, remediation in progress
  • INCIDENT SUMMARY: At least 80 plumes of diluent, associated with leaks in pipelines that may have lasted for decades, were detected in and near the Guadalupe Oil Field at the Nipomo Dunes. These leaks have released an estimated 12 million gallons of diluent into the dunes, beach, groundwater, and Pacific Ocean.
  • NATURAL RESOURCE TRUSTEES: California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; California Coastal Conservancy.
  • RESOURCES IMPACTED: Dune habitat; wetlands; groundwater; intertidal habitat.
  • SETTLEMENT DETAILS: The trustees settled the NRDA portion of the case for $9 million.
  • STATUS OF RESTORATION: Final Restoration Plan completed; restoration projects now in progress; see Final Restoration Plan for details.

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