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Each issue offers California at its best—compelling stories on the state's native species and habitat, presented with page after page of beautiful photographs. All of this plus the Thin Green Line, which chronicles California's war against poachers!

Outdoor California is published bi-monthly and available by subscription and bulk order.

Always filled with vivid color photography and in-depth articles featuring outdoor adventures and the status of the state's wonderous living resources, Outdoor California magazine will delight you or a gift recipient six times a year!

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Sampling of articles from July-August 2012 issue

  • Nothing But Net
    Researchers use a stealth approach to the capture, study and return of sea otters to the ocean unharmed.
    By Eric Laughlin
  • Fluttering to Extinction
    Little has been known about Southern California's flighty Hermes Cooper Butterfly until recently. But now, the region's seasonal wildfires may make future study impossible as flames claim the last butterfly.
    By Daniel A. Marschalek
  • Thin Green Line
    Wardens and Habitat Conservation's environmental experts work together to shut down a massive dope farm operation.