California Department of Fish and Wildlife

California Halibut

California halibut is one of the most important commercial and recreational species in southern California. The Southern California Fisheries Research and Management Project obtains Essential Fishery Information (EFI) such as length, weight, age, and sex of halibut from commercial landings in Southern California ports and from sport caught fish. Choose from the links below for more information about California halibut.

  • Statewide Stock Assessment
    The CDFW has collected and summarized recent and historical data for use in a statewide stock assessment for California halibut. Historical and current catch and biological data were included.This is the first statewide evaluation of the California halibut resource.
  • Collaborative Studies
    The project also works collaboratively with other scientific organizations to study halibut. Recently, our project has been working with the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation to test a non-lethal method of determining the sex of California halibut using ultrasound.
  • Species Identification
  • Commercial Fishery
  • Recreational Fishery
  • Project Resources