California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Recreational Abalone Advisory Committee (RAAC)
Regular Meeting: September 13, 2003


RAAC Members Present: Konstantin Karpov, Rocky Daniels, Steve Benavides, Steve Campi, Richard Pogre, Lt. Steve Riske.

Absent: John Colgate

Two Seats Vacant.

Others Present: DFG staff - Peter Haaker, Ian Taniguchi, Lucy Johnson, Jerry Kashiwada, Dr. Laura Roger-Bennett, Jim Moore, Thea Robbins, Ed Schulze.


1. Introduction - Announcements (Karpov)

2. Potential Candidates to Nominate for Science and Northern Representative Replacement (Haaker)

The RAAC committee made recommendations to the Director on potential candidates to fill the science chair and look at the Northern Representative on the RAAC committee.

Applicants for the science chair were Paul Dayton, Carolyn Friedman, and James Moore. James Moore had to withdraw his application due to Fish and Game Code Section 7400 which states: "Two members shall be marine scientists who are or have been involved in abalone research at university, state university, or in state or federal programs. Not more than one of the persons shall be an officer or employee of the department."

A discussion followed regarding the two potential candidates Dr. Paul Dayton or Carolyn Friedman. Everyone accept the RAAC was asked to leave the room for approximately hour while the discussion was held in executive session regarding the two candidates.

RAAC Recommendation Letter to Director: RAAC reached a consensus that Dr. Paul Dayton will be recommended to the Director as their choice for the Science Representative and Carolyn Friedman would act as alternate. Steve Campi will draft a letter to the Director requesting he officially appoint Dr. Dayton.

RAAC interviewed Mr. Ed Schulze and discussed his candidacy for the Northern Representative position. The other interested party, Brooke Halsey, will be asked the same questions by the committee in a telephone interview on 10/4/03.

Steve Campi has agreed to act as the interim secretary. Steve will need to set up the phone conference in two weeks. Any other potential candidates need to apply by Friday September 19, 2003 at 5:00 P. M.

3. WLP report 2002-2003 activities (Riske)

Lt. Riske submitted and summarized the Abalone Enforcement Report for 2002/03.

  1. Current Assessments and Status
  2. Enforcement Efforts Statistics
  3. Future Actions and Needs
  4. 2003 Abalone Checkpoint Results

Due to current budget deficit, the department has established a no overtime policy. Without the abalone overtime for 2003-2004 these checkpoints and extra efforts will not happen. Lt. Riske stated that abalone resource is still a top priority for enforcement staff.

4. Abalone Research Updates:

  1. Abalone Recruitment Modules and Abalone Reproduction (Laura Rogers-Bennett)
    Laura provided an update on her red abalone research in Northern California. She described growth, size at maturity, and recruitment module results.
  2. Transect and Telephone Surveys - Contract with HSU (Jerry Kashiwada)
    Jerry presented an update of fishery data collected over the past year including transects surveys at three sites, a random telephone survey, and creel surveys at eight sites. The HSU contract provided the divers needed for transects surveys at two sites.
  3. Geographic Distribution of WS (Jim Moore)
    Jim covered the status of white abalone and updated disease- and parasite- related work since the presentation given by Carolyn Friedman last year.

5. Proposed Budget 2003-2004 (Kon Karpov)

A review of the 2003-2004 proposed Abalone Stamp Fund Budget. A comparison of license sales from the beginning of the abalone stamp cards and the condition of the Abalone stamp fund based on sales and past expenditures over the past 5 years. Mandate requirements that are outlined in the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan (ARMP) for this fiscal year and projected uses within the abalone stamp fund.

RAAC Recommendation Letter to Director: The $50,000 for abalone overtime be restored to the abalone budget and the $16, 400 for abalone overtime south be restored into the SOU account for use this 2003-2004 fiscal year.

6. Proposal for RAAC Recommendation to the Director to open the month of July to recreation fishing on the North Coast (Campi)

The committee heard the recommendation and upon consideration the committee decided that this proposal was premature and should be considered after the adoption of the ARMP. Instead the committee decided the following:

Recommendation Letter to the Director - Adoption of the ARMP as soon as possible. No changes are to be made in the interim to sport regulations that would increase or decrease the yearly take.

7. Proposal for RAAC recommendation to the Director for opening abalone fishing in the moratorium area (Pogre)

  • Presentation to RAAC of proposed amendment to ARMP Alternative 1 (Marshall)

Submitted was an amendment to the Abalone Recovery and Management Plan Alternative 1. There was great discussion that will be continued during the phone conference call on 10/4/2003.

8. Public Expression

9. Discussion of the Next Meeting

Set for the 3rd Saturday in October, 2004 in Oakland. Steve Campi will work on getting the room again.

End Meeting Minutes