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2014-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations

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Cover of the 2014-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Booklet and Supplement  Cover of the 2014-2015 Freshwater and Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Supplement

Regulations effective through February 28, 2015 unless otherwise noted.

2014-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Adobe Reader required
This is the 2014-2015 Ocean Sport Fishing regulations booklet that was distributed in March, 2014. This version of the booklet includes updated marine protected area regulations that went into effect October 1, 2014. The bookmarked PDF file features red bookmark headings that denote sections that have changed or are new for 2014.
Large file size  - 6.2 MB

2014-2015 California Sport Fishing Regulations Supplement Adobe Reader required
This supplement contains full ocean salmon seasons for 2014 and up-to-date information on possible upcoming Pacific halibut season changes, as well as inland freshwater salmon and trout fishing regulations.
Large file size  - 4.1 MB

2014-2015 In-Season Ocean Fishing Regulation Changes
This page provides links to CDFW news releases detailing the reasons behind in-season regulatory changes as well as a summary of changes.

California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations Map
Up-to-date sport fishing regulations online - just click on the map to see regulations for your area.

Summary of 2015 Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations


Illustrations and Additional Information

California Fishing Passport

Marine Management News
A new fishing incentive and recognition program to highlight and promote fishing throughout the state. Pick up your free copy of the California Fishing Passport book listing 150 different popular fresh and saltwater finfish and shellfish that occur throughout the state. Try to catch one of every species listed, and you will receive stamps in your passport book documenting each achievement.


2014 Sport Abalone Regulation Updates Adobe Reader required
Effective April 1, 2014

Fort Ross Red Abalone Closure Map
New regulations (Section 29.15(b)(1)) effective January 1, 2014

Demonstration Video: California Abalone Reporting and Tagging Requirements
This video shows abalone sport divers and rock pickers how to comply with abalone regulations enacted April 2008.

Fish Identification Illustrations Adobe Reader required
Identification guide featuring common nearshore fishes.
Large file size  - 1.4 MB

Canary Rockfish and Yelloweye Rockfish Identification Flyer Adobe Reader required
A one-page printable flyer that shows how to distinguish between canary rockfish and vermilion rockfish, and how to identify adult and juvenile yelloweye rockfish

Marine Protected Areas

Measurement Methods for Finfish and Invertebrates Adobe Reader required

Cowcod Conservation Areas

Tips for Viewing the Online Booklet


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