California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nearshore Fishery Management Plan (NFMP): Section 1, List of Appendices

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Appendix A
Public Input

Appendix B
Goals and Objectives fo the Marine Life Management Act and the Nearshore Fishery Management Plan

Appendix C
Selection of the 19 Nearshore Fishery Species

Appendix D
Description of Stocks

Appendix E
Description of the Nearshore Finfish Fishery
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Appendix F
Chronology of State and Federal Regulations Affecting the Nearshore Fishery

Appendix G
Regional Management and Allocation Approaches by Other Juridsdictions

Appendix H
Example Timeline involving Regional Management Advisory Committees in Management/Regulation Process

Appendix I
The Fish and Game Commission's Policy on Restricted Access

Appendix J
Summary of Department Fishery-Dependent Monitoring and Fishery-Independent Assessment of Nearshore Commercial and Recreational Fisheries

Appendix K
Revised Protocols for Fishery-Dependent Monitoring and Fishery-Independent Assessment

Appendix L
Glossary of Terms

Appendix M
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Appendix N
List of Common and Scientific Names

Appendix O
List of Acronyms

Appendix P