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Marija Vojkovich Retires, Paul Hamdorf Heads Up Marine Region

Paul Hamdorf and Marija Vojkovich

Marija Vojkovich retires, while Paul Hamdorf, new Acting Regional Manager, leads DFG's Marine Region

by Mary Patyten, Research Writer

On July 1, 2012 Marija Vojkovich stepped down as Marine Regional Manager, taking on part-time work for DFG. In her place, Assistant Chief Paul Hamdorf has stepped in as Acting Regional Manager.

Vojkovich originally took the position of Marine Regional Manager in 2007. In this position, she guided 148 employees and all activities involving marine habitat, fisheries and fishing regulations. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my 33 years with the Marine Region, and most especially the last five years as Regional Manager," she said.

During her career with DFG, Vojkovich coordinated with government agencies at all levels, non-government organizations and a diverse constituency. For the past eight years she has been serving for DFG Director Chuck Bonham as the State of California Principal Official on the Pacific Fishery Management Council which, among other things, recommends the dates and certain federal regulations for the annual salmon, groundfish and coastal pelagic species limits and seasons on the West Coast. Vojkovich will continue representing the Director on the Council, and will assist with the DFG's Strategic Planning process as the Marine Resources Advisor.

Assistant Chief Paul Hamdorf, now Acting Regional Manager for DFG's Marine Region, has been involved with enforcement of marine regulations since 1992. Hamdorf worked for the Marine Region previously, when law enforcement reported directly to the regions, and has participated on Marine Region policy and procedure work teams. Hamdorf is a former member of the DFG dive team and has participated in numerous scientific projects using trawls, dive transects, longlines and traps to study various fish species. He brings to the region "different skills that may provide a slightly different perspective on marine issues," he said.

"I am a believer in the mission of the Marine Region, and look forward to helping out where I can," said Hamdorf. He expects to continue as Acting Regional Manager until a new, permanent regional manager is brought aboard.

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