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Marine Management News: October 2012

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Depth Restriction Change in Southern Groundfish Management Area Protects Cowcod

DFG reminds anglers that effective November 1, 2012 the depth limit is changing from 360 ft. (60 fm) to 300 ft. (50 fm) in the Southern Groundfish Management Area, from the California-Mexico border to Pt. Conception (34°27' North latitude). Read more

Paul Hamdorf and Marija Vojkovich
Dr. Kevin Hovel, project lead, and Amalia DeGrood of SDSU recording data from a re-captured lobster off Point Loma

Marija Vojkovich Retires, Paul Hamdorf Heads Up Marine Region

On July 1, 2012 Marija Vojkovich stepped down as Marine Regional Manager, taking on part-time work for DFG. In her place, Assistant Chief Paul Hamdorf has stepped in as Acting Regional Manager. Read more

DFG Joins Forces with Universities, Organizations, Fishermen and Volunteers to Study Lobster

In 2011 and 2012, DFG, the San Diego Oceans Foundation, San Diego State University and Scripps Institution of Oceanography teamed up with lobster fishermen and volunteers to tag and monitor thousands of lobster in Southern California. Read more

Marine Management News Fish Identification Quiz
Pacific sardine

Marine Management News Fish Identification Quiz!

Care to test your ability to identify California's marine sport fishes? Look at the photo and read the article for hints, send us the correct species and current bag limit by email, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a prize! Read more

DFG and California Wetfish Industry Fly High to Count Pacific Sardine

In an effort to improve Pacific sardine stock assessments, DFG and the California Wetfish Producers Association (CWPA) have combined resources to count schools of sardine in southern California. Read more

computer showing DFG logo
California Sheephead

New Option to Turn In Report Card Data Online

DFG will begin to offer a new online harvest reporting service starting December 1 for abalone report cards, and January 1 for spiny lobster report cards. Read more

Creature Feature: California Sheephead

Did you know that California sheephead begin life as females, and turn into males later in life? These colorful fish can live to be 53 years old. Learn more about this species, including feeding habits, range and size. Read more


Selected "Snapshots" of Current Marine Region Projects

Marine Region biologists are hard at work monitoring, measuring and conserving California's marine fish and invertebrates. Read about their current efforts, and also about the latest record sport fish and shellfish catches!
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Get Hooked on the Marine Region and MLPA Websites!

For the latest information on fishing regulations, marine resources, and news affecting our California coastline, your first stop should be the Department of Fish and Game Marine Region website. This article contains information about the newest and most popular resources available on the site.
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