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Earlier Drafts of Bioeconomic Modeling Documents for External Array Proposals

Why the SAT modeling work group revised round 1 modeling evaluations

This page contains the bioeconomic modeling documents of March and April, 2010.

Round 1 bioeconomic modeling evaluations were rerun using the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and University of California, Davis (UCD) bioeconomic models. The revised round 1 modeling evaluations used the full set of fine-scale habitat maps available in the north coast study region, which better represent habitats in the region as compared to the habitat data used in the initial runs of the round 1 modeling evaluation. The revised round 1 modeling evaluations also used improved connectivity data, which allowed seven species to be evaluated, including black rockfish, brown rockfish, cabezon, redtail surfperch, Dungeness crab, red abalone, and red sea urchin. Results from the revised round 1 modeling evaluations are presented in the Bioeconomic modeling section of the External Arrays page.

Bioeconomic Model Evaluations (earlier drafts)