California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Spiny Lobster Advisory Committee

Group of spiny lobster.
CDFW photo by Derek Stein

The Lobster Advisory Committee (LAC) has reached consensus on the following lobster management recommendations:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) made a brief presentation on these recommendations at the California Fish and Game Commission (FGC) meeting on December 11, 2013. No decisions were made at this Commission meeting. The formal regulatory process started in 2014. For detailed information regarding FGC meetings please visit the FGC website.

The purpose of the Lobster Advisory Committee is to involve appointed representatives of constituent groups with providing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife advice, feedback, and recommendations regarding the issues and actions that need to be taken during the development of a Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan (FMP). The LAC will give guidance on FMP objectives and end products, as well as provide ideas for management options that address the key issues put forth by constituents and members of the public. For detailed information please see: LAC Charter Adobe Reader required

The LAC is comprised of twelve members and six alternates. The LAC consists of: two marine science members and one alternate (biological and environmental); three recreational members and one alternate (hoop net anglers and divers); three commercial members and one alternate (harvesters); two non-consumptive recreational members and one alternate (cultural and wildlife); one environmental organization member and one alternate (NGO); and one federal agency member and one alternate. Alternates are only required to attend specific LAC meetings if requested to serve as a temporary replacement for a LAC member.

Representatives on the LAC

Name Phone Email
Rodger Healy (Commercial Fishing Member) (949) 494-9449
Jim Colomy (Commercial Fishing Member) (805) 705-9699
Shad Catarius (Commercial Fishing Member) (858) 717-6158
Josh Fisher (Commercial Fishing Alternate Member) (714) 231-2012
Jim Salazar (Recreational Fishing Member) (310) 901-4616
Michael Gould (Recreational Fishing Member) (805) 648-1465
Al Stasukevich (Recreational Fishing Member) (619) 701-6745
Paul Romanowski (Recreational Fishing Alternate Member) (714) 801-5514
Lia Protopapadakis (Marine Science Member) (310) 216-9826
Kevin Hovel (Marine Science Member) (619) 594-6322
Jono Wilson (Marine Science Alternate Member) (805) 893-4058
Sarah Sikich (Environmental Organization Member) (310) 451-1500 x163
Huff McGonigal (Environmental Organization Alternate Member) (831) 333-6038
Sean Hastings (Federal Agency Member) (805) 884-1472
David Kushner (Federal Agency Alternate Member) (805) 658-5773
Claudette Dorsey (Non-consumptive Recreational Member) (310) 970-2318
Chris Grossman (Non-consumptive Recreational Member) (310) 876-2892
Stefan Partelow (Non-consumptive Recreational Alternate) (310) 918-5197

LAC Meetings

The LAC held a total of nine meetings from June 2012 to September 2013. All meetings of the LAC were open to the public for observation. A public comment period was permitted during each meeting (excluding LAC informational meeting on Sept 5, 2012). For other public meetings, go to the Public Meetings section of the website.




  • To be scheduled

Additional meetings may be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

For questions, please contact Travis Buck via email at