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Kelp CEQA Document: Draft

Giant Kelp Forest

The kelp CEQA document is divided into several files for convenience of down loading and reviewing. Each file has been saved as a PDF file and can be easily read using Acrobat Reader on your computer screen or printed on a color or black & white printer. Below is the title of each chapter. For additional information on the content of each chapter, please refer to the Table of Contents.

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Document Cover Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Draft Summary of Proposed Project

Chapter 2: Project Description

Chapter 3: Environmental Settings
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Chapter 4: Environmental Impacts

Chapter 5: Mitigation

Chapter 6: Alternatives

Appendix 1: Current Kelp and Marine Aquatic Plant Laws

Appendix 2: Proposed Regulatory Changes

Appendix 3: California Kelp Harvest: 1916-1999

Literature Citations