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California Marine Protected Areas

Point Reyes Headlands Special Closure
Important: As of March 1, 2016 new MPA regulations are in effect.
Management Area: North Central California (Pt. Arena to Pigeon Pt.)

County: Marin

Nearest Port: Bodega Bay

Regulations in Effect Since: 5/1/2010

Boundaries: A special closure is designated on the south side of the Point Reyes Headlands from the mean high tide line to a distance of 1000 feet seaward of the mean lower low tide line of any shoreline between lines extending due south from each of the following two points:

37° 59.650' N. lat. 123° 01.000' W. long; and
37° 59.390' N. lat. 122° 57.800' W. long.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed Species: None

Prohibited Species: All

Commercial Fishing

Allowed Species: None

Prohibited Species: All

Other Regulations: No person except department employees or employees of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, or United States Coast Guard, in performing their official duties, or unless permission is granted by the department, shall enter this area at any time.