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California Marine Protected Areas

Anacapa Island Special Closure
Important: As of December 19, 2012 new MPA regulations are in effect for the Northern California coast from the Oregon/California border to Point Arena.
Management Area: Southern California (Pt. Conception southward)

County: Ventura

Nearest Port: Port Hueneme

Regulations in Effect Since: 2003

Boundaries: No net or trap may be used in waters less than 20 ft. deep off the Anacapa Islands, commonly referred to as Anacapa Island.

A brown pelican fledgling area is designated from the mean high tide mark seaward to a water depth of 20 fathoms (120 feet) on the north side of West Anacapa Island between a line extending 000° True off Portuguese Rock (34° 00.91'N. lat. 119° 25.26'W. long.) to a line extending 000° True off the western edge of Frenchy's Cove (34° 00.417'N. lat. 119° 24.600'W. long.), a distance of approximately 4,000 feet.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed Species: None

Prohibited Species: All

Commercial Fishing

Allowed Species: None

Prohibited Species: All

Other Regulations: No person except department employees or employees of the National Park Service in the performance of their official duties shall enter the brown pelican fledgling area from January 1 to October 31.