California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wildlife Area Closure Alerts

It is common for wildlife areas to close periodically due to safety concerns caused by flooding. Areas that most commonly experience flood closures are: Sutter National Wildlife Refuge, Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, Delevan National Wildlife Refuge, Colusa National Wildlife Refuge, and the Little Dry Creek and Howard Slough Units of the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area. Reservations for State-operated wildlife areas that are closed due to flooding will not be accepted at other hunting areas. Refunds will not be issued for reservation applications submitted to areas that are closed or if reservations are unavailable. Check the following link or the Twitter tag -- #cawildlifeareaclosures -- for updates on State-operated wildlife area closures.

  • West Access (County Road 116a) to Fremont Weir Wildlife Area is under temporary closer due to Regional Manager’s Authority.

    California Code of Regulation, Title 14, Section 550 (b) (1) and (2) states:  “The regional manager shall have the authority to regulate public use of State wildlife areas where such use is not provided for in these regulations or in sections 551 and 552 of this title” and “…may close portions of areas or close areas entirely to public entry or to specific activities.”

    Access to Fremont Weir Wildlife Area through the East Access (County Road 16) point is open.  From the West Access, take County Road 117 to County Road 16. Wildlife Area Map

  • Wildlife Area Flood Closure Update (PDF)