California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Automated License Data System

Information for License Agents

In March 2012, CDFW invited all active license agents to complete an online ALDS Satisfaction Survey to help the Department gauge license agents' overall level of acceptance of and comfort with ALDS. CDFW conducted the survey in two different groups; please select the links to view survey results for large corporations or all other retail agents.The results of this survey were presented to the License Agent Advisory Committee (LAAC) in Sacramento on May 8th, 2012.

License agents should refer to ALDS General Information and the License Agent Q&A pages for additional information.

ALDS Quarterly Newsletter

Project Milestones

  • Procurement/vendor selection: February 7, 2005 to January 28, 2006 (Complete)
  • Issue Notice of Intent to Award, last date to protest: February 3-8, 2006 (Complete)
  • Obtain final project approvals and clearances: February 3 to June 16, 2006 (Complete)
  • Contract effective date: July 12, 2006 (Complete)
  • Launch of on-line license sales (E-Licensing) - May 26, 2009 (Complete)
  • System design and development phase - October 21, 2009 (Complete)
  • Pilot of ALDS at CDFW offices and at selected license agents - August 2010 (Complete)
  • Pilot acceptance of ALDS - October 2010 (Complete)
  • Point of Sale (POS) deployment to all license agent locations - January 2011 (Complete)

Agent and Customer Benefits

  • License purchases are faster and easier, increasing efficiency and reducing wait times.
  • Most sport fishing and hunting licenses and related items will be available through license agents, including those that were previously only available from a CDFW office (i.e., drawing entries and bear and deer tags).
  • License agents will never run out of inventory.
  • License sales will be available 24/7 via the Internet and the telephone.
  • The license sales and accounting process will be quicker, streamlined by eliminating license inventory and sales reporting requirements.
  • No more hand filling out multiple license documents.

ALDS Equipment

  • 15” color touch screen monitor screen with embedded CPU
  • direct thermal printer
  • durable paper stock
  • card swiper (CDLN)
  • bar code scanner

point of sale printer and monitor

System Capabilities

  • Real time system utilizing Internet connectivity,
  • License buyer information is entered by swiping the magnetic stripe on DMV-issued driver's licenses and/or CA Identification Cards through the card swipe or by key entry,
  • Customer’s data is validated by the database; using the eligibility and prerequisites rules that are intergrated in the system. These rules will determine the logic for the balance of the transaction. For example:
    • ALDS will verify that a person was licensed before they can obtain a duplicate license
    • Non-residents will be offered only non-resident items
    • A Second-Deer Tag will be offered only after a First-Deer tag is selected
  • Licenses print instantly on highly durable paper, foldable to credit card size,
  • Provides new offerings from license agent locations, i.e. deer tags and drawing entries.

Space Requirements

The assembled system will occupy approximately (H x W x D): 17” x 36” x 12”.

Power Requirements

The system will require one (1) grounded power outlet within 6 feet of the devices; a surge suppressor with 6 outlets will be provided as part of the package.

Recommended: CDFW recommends that license agents utilize a battery backup (UPS) to allow for the completion of sales during power outages. This is especially important if your store frequently experiences power interruptions.

Communication Requirements

The system will allow two types of internet connections: Broadband or Dialup.

  • Broadband: If you already have a Broadband connection at your store, ALDS equipment can simply be connected to an Ethernet port. Be sure you have an Ethernet connection where the equipment will be set up.
  • Dialup: If you do not have your own Broadband, then ALDS can connect to the Internet via dialup. You will have to provide a dedicated phone line. Be sure you have a telephone connection where the equipment will be set up.

Recommended: CDFW recommends a Broadband Internet connection to ensure that the optimum transaction speed is maintained.

New Sales Process

For over 90% of ALDS license sales transactions, customer data will be collected from their California Drivers License (CDL) or California Identification Card (CID).

  1. Swipe the CDL or CID through the card reader.

    The ALDS reads the magnetic stripe and populates customer information automatically.
  1. Complete Customer Information.

    License agents will use the touch screen to update customer addresses, enter the customer's hunter education information, telephone number and additional information (as needed).
  1. Select items for purchase.

    Using the touch screen, license agents can select items for purchase. ALDS automatically limits items available, based on customer qualifications, such as age, residency and previous purchases.
  1. Verify purchase.

    Prior to finalizing the sale, license agents can verify the purchase to ensure the customer has everything they need.
  1. Print license.

    All licenses, tags, and harvest cards will immediately print out on the printer.