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Automated License Data System

CDFW's Automated License Data System (ALDS) phases out the use of pre-printed licenses and electronically links License Agents, CDFW License Sales Offices and the Online License Sales service to a central database, from which license items can be instantly generated and purchased.

Benefits of ALDS

For many years the public has requested a more simple and efficient licensing system. Hunters and anglers want to be able to go to one location and purchase all sport fishing and hunting licenses quickly and easily. License agents want an easier way to sell and account for licenses. ALDS benefits both license buyers and license agents as follows:

  • Streamlines the license process by eliminating the current manual paper based issuance process making it quicker and easier to buy a license;
  • Increases access to license items by making more items available for sale at license agent locations, including several items that were previously only available from a CDFW office (i.e., drawing entries and bear and deer tags);
  • Increases the availability of licenses as license agents will never run out of inventory; and license sales will be available 24/7 via the Internet and telephone;
  • Subsequent year purchases and duplicate licenses sales are faster and easier to obtain because customer data is stored and retrieved instantly eliminating the need for customers to fill out paperwork for every purchase;
  • Helps to ensure customers are properly licensed;
  • Allows customers to enter drawings and obtain drawing results at license agent locations and online.

Note: License agents should refer to the ALDS Agent Information section for additional information.