California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fishing at Grizzly Island

At various times of the year several species of game fish may be caught at Grizzly Island. They include striped bass, brown bullhead, white catfish, white sturgeon, black crappie and the occasional largemouth bass, Chinook salmon and steelhead. Fish may be caught in Montezuma slough or within many of the interior waters of the island depending on closures for other activities (See Public Use Schedule). During closures at Grizzly Island you may still fish at Hill Slough Wildlife Area, Belden's Landing and the Island Slough Unit.

Striped bass used to be seasonal in their movements with runs in spring and fall. Currently they appear to be more erratic and fish may be caught at any time of year. Fishermen catch stripers while bait fishing with anchovies or bullheads but also using artificial lures like lead head jigs, lipless crankbaits and others. Sturgeon are more regular, generally occurring in greatest numbers with the late winter rains and spring runoff, especially when they coincide with the higher tides during this time of year. Catfish or bullheads may be caught any time of year with many anglers using clams, anchovies or chicken gizzards for bait. Crappie and Largemouth Bass are spotty in their distribution on Grizzly Island. Time of greatest abundance appears to be in spring and early summer when the normally brackish waters of the Suisun Marsh are at their freshest.

To obtain a copy of CDFW's Striped Bass Fishing Map, which includes the Suisun Marsh and surrounding Delta Region, please call (209) 234-3420.