California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Volunteering at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Get involved in satisfying and educational hands-on wildlife conservation projects.

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Volunteers at Gray Lodge participate in a variety of special projects, most of which involve working outside. In all seasons, volunteers monitor and help put up wood duck nest boxes, lead nature walks, assist with nature programs for schools, staff the visitors' booth, assist with restoration projects, remove non-native vegetation, contribute to the general maintenance, and act as part of the Gray Lodge team.

Gray Lodge Clean-Up Day draws volunteers of all ages. Highly skilled volunteers can become part of the wildlife and habitat management programs at Gray Lodge.

Many educational fairs and events are partially staffed with volunteers. It is fun and rewarding to share your knowledge as well as learn something new.

Throughout California, youngsters, seniors, sportsmen, birders, people from all backgrounds are participating in nest box programs that benefit many species of cavity nesting critters.

A nest box program can be as small as one or two bird houses that you would put on a tree in your backyard; and a nest box program can be as large as the 400 Wood Duck nest boxes on the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area that are checked and maintained by over 30 volunteers who travel from as far as Sacramento, Davis and Chico.

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Nest box programs increase public awareness of the interrelationships of habitat preservation and wildlife survival. They provide an opportunity for the public to participate in a hands-on wildlife conservation project which fosters a personal sense of stewardship. They also increase viable nesting sites for many species of federally protected cavity nesting species of wildlife.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife invites your participation in such enjoyable and worthwhile programs.

Each of us has a unique personality, set of enthusiasms, fundamental knowledge and experiences with nature. No matter what your interest, volunteering is important to the resource, the Department and to yourself. Call the Naturalist Office at (530) 846-7505 to learn more about volunteering at Gray Lodge.

Marie and Richard Wood