California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Animals at the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area


The Biological Resources Inventory is a work in progress. Quality control checks are ongoing. Future data will be entered as it becomes available. Species lists may have been generated from the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System (CWHR) which is a predictive model based on habitat type. For more information or to submit any corrections/additions please contact Teresa Leblanc at

American badger Common porcupine Pallid bat
American mink Coyote Raccoon
Black rat Deer mouse Red fox
Black-tailed jackrabbit Desert cottontail Ringtail
Bobcat Feral cat Striped skunk
Botta's pocket gopher Gray fox Vagrant shrew
Brazilian free-tailed bat House mouse Virginia oppossum
Broad-footed mole Mountain lion Western harvest mouse
California ground squirrel Mule deer Western red bat
California myotis Northern river otter Western spotted skunk
California vole Norway rat  
Common muskrat Ornate shrew