California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Lake Earl Wildlife Area - Del Norte County

Wildlife Viewing Hiking Allowed restrooms boating fishing Waterfowl hunting allowed Hunting with Shotgun allowed
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Location: Del Norte County - approximately 5 miles north of Crescent City, bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Phone Number: (707) 487-0601

Map: Directional Map (PDF)

Special Restrictions: No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed.

Access: From Highway 101 take Lake Earl Drive. Go left at Old Mill Road. Proceed 1.4 miles to the wildlife area headquarters. Boat launch facilities are located at the end of Lakeview Drive and Buzzini Road.

Description: The western edge of this 6,134 acre wildlife area borders the Pacific Ocean. Sand dunes extending inland are covered with scattered beach grasses and other vegetation. The area encompasses Lakes Earl and Tolowa, two lagoons connected by a deep channel known as the Narrows, and bordered by salt and fresh water marshes. Further inland the area ends in upland fields and forest. Some of the diverse wildlife species that can be found in this area include canvasback, western grebe, coastal black-tailed deer and beaver.

Note: There has been confirmation of the presence of the New Zealand Mud Snail within this Wildlife Area.

Recreational Use: Type C Wildlife Area

  • At present there are few roads, and no hiking trails. The upland area can be explored on foot where you might encounter quail or grouse moving through the forest of Sitka spruce and pine trees.
  • Fishing, boating, and bird watching are allowed. Cutthroat and steelhead are the most popular fish species, and boaters find the Narrows the most accomodating area for boats because of dense vegetation in the lakes.
  • Camping is available year-round at nearby Tolowa Dunes State Park

Hunting: Waterfowl permitted during open season.

Facilities: Informational kiosk, restrooms and boat launching available

PLEASE NOTE: Area regulations are subject to change. Special restrictions on recreational uses, hunt days and methods of take are listed in the current year's issue of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas, available at CDFW offices and places where licenses are sold.